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 Chasing the Agenda and Tripping Over My Own Shoe Laces.

I was rushing to meet my friend for lunch and in the midst of my haste, I neglected to tie my sneaker laces. Out of balance, I tripped, nearly broke my neck, resulting in a small twist of my ankle. I carried on to lunch. How many of us have done that before?? How many of us are racing to meet the agenda, without taking the proper time to fasten up, balance, and make sure all systems are go before leaving the house. The same goes for our horses! Meeting the agenda requires our horses to be prepared for the task facing them. Frequently, injury and the lack of proper training results from a fast track.

Trying to get to the competition before the horse is ready physically, mentally and adequately trained, can be a problem. A problem for the horse, the rider, trainer and owner.

I realize the culture we live in tends to push rather than allow. However, I would see less injuries and over faced horses in my practice if we allowed our selves the right to slow down, look at our horse, and determine if he is strong enough, trained enough, and mentally ready to race, or show. Prevention of injury and sequential training is achieved with a plan. Adhering to the plan despite outside pressures from peers, owners, and trainers will often guarantee a safe, enjoyable and successful journey to meet the agenda. And, do well once we get there.

Remember the old adage: The slower you go the faster you get there. Prevention of training mistakes and injury is not only cost effective, but another element of good horsemanship.

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