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FALL 2016

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It was a true privilege and honor for me to work at the top of the game as the Team Sports Therapist for the United States Eventing Team at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Despite all of the media controversy and fearful hype about the Games, they went off safely, smoothly and efficiently. The horses were well cared for and seemed quite content and happy within the venue.

The Team and support staff were exceptionally talented and inspirational. We proudly won the Individual Bronze Medal as Philip Dutton rode brilliantly and tenaciously on the fabulous horse, Mighty Nice.

There was a distinct dichotomy between the entire Olympic Venue and the athletes located within the impoverished setting of Rio. Each day we traveled from our hotel on the Trans Olympic highway to the equestrian venue. Our van passed by poverty stricken areas depleted of some of the basic necessities of a comfortable life. Dogs and horses wandered in the streets and the community residents appeared very poor, and deprived of joy and strength. Unlike the world’s best athletes who performed alongside the slums (Favela’s) and its residents. The athletes were filled with joy, exuberance, pride, tenacity, inspiration, determination and fortitude, unlike the darkness, despair, and shadows of the people in the slums.

For me, I felt the differences between the tremendous joy and honor being at the Olympics to the sadness and concern for the residents who stood by, unable to watch the world’s best share their gifts at the Games. Gifts many of the people of the slums will never have a chance to achieve or experience.

Given these notable differences, it was still a great privilege to work at the pinnacle of the sport! Thank You USA Eventing Team for such a rich experience in Rio. On to Tokyo 2020!



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