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Olympic Security and Accreditations


In order for me to work with the Eventing Team in the Olympic Equestrian Park backside which included stabling, rings, athletes cafeteria, ten minute box for cross country, etc. I needed accreditations granted by the Canadian Olympic Committee. London strictly limited the amount of accreditations(accreds) each country was allowed. Each country applied for and was primarily allowed accreds for one farrier, vet, coach, physiotherapist, owners, chef de quipe, one groom per horse and rider for each discipline. Needless to say, the accreditations, or simply put, passes were extremely limited.

In order to physically get into the stabling area, I had to pass through three sets of security. The first security area was staffed with soldiers screening with metal detectors, similar to the screening currently used at airports. Water bottles, liquids, sharp objects etc. were not allowed into the stabling. My accreditations were scanned each day on a computer to make sure my accreds were up to date and eligible for entrance. The second screening was into the backside in general. I had to show my photo ID accreditation to enter via a very large fenced area guarded by two staff personnel or soldiers.

The third screening was the stabling entrance. This was secured by another pair of soldiers. There I needed to show my photo ID and a separate stabling pass. The accreditations had my photo and different letters and numbers each indicating where I was allowed to enter within the entire Olympic Park.

Having accreditations allowed me easy access to any Olympic venue, and even in the Heathrow airport! When I arrived and took my first step off of the plane, I was greeted by a lovely volunteer, who read my accreditations and then separated me from the general public and walked me through the Olympic Family line for customs etc. She made sure I did not have to even think about negotiating Heathrow. She even brought me to a coffee shop and ordered me a coffee!! The accreditations and passes allowed me unusual freedom and privilege to most any activity!

Now I am back to the ordinary doldrums of daily life challenges.


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