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Trainer's Tip

Trainer: Liz Millikin, of Millwood Va, International 3 Day Event rider, Recognized Trainer, and Horse Sales. Some of Liz’s “finds” include: Woodburn, ridden by Philip Dutton for the US 3Day Event Team, 2010 World Equestrian Games(WEG) competitor; Quintus 54, an advanced 3 Day horse ridden by Karen O’Connor( a four time Olympian, Pan Am Gold Medalist, and a WEG competitor); Mojito, a very successful 3 Day horse ridden by Kate Brown as well as numerous top horses at all levels and disciplines of riding.

Question: What are the top qualities you look for in a riding horse whether they’re to be used for pleasure or the highest level of competition?

Liz: The top 5 for me, regardless of discipline:

1. Good kind eye and expression.

2. Good confirmation where the legs move in a straight line.

3. Non-spooky and confident with a kind demeanor

4. A uphill, athletic build with neck set nicely high on the shoulder

5. Good feet!

Why Liz uses the Wilson Meagher Method of Equine Sportsmassage:

"It significantly improves my horse’s gaits, and athleticism while maintaining their soundness and longevity. I use a technique of the method you taught me at the shows because it improves my horse’s performance."


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